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Teaching Activities


My teaching is focused on the field of public economics and taxation, but I have also instructed courses in econometrics, introduction to economics, Spanish economy and regional economics. My teaching performance has been positively assessed by the Docentia Program. Since 2014, I am the Director of the Chair of Family Business of the University of Vigo.

I have been an invited lecturer by the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and the University of Rennes I (France) and a member of the external evaluation committee of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics in 2015.

I am an associate editor of e-publica, an electronic journal on the teaching of public economics covered by Econlit, Latindex, DICE, PROQUEST, RESH, and EBSCO Publishing. I am also a member of the teaching innovation group on public economics and taxation of the University of Vigo.

As a senior academic at the University of Vigo, I have been the Director of the Department of Applied Economics (2011-2013), the first Chairman of the Water Campus, and a member of the scientific committee of the University of Vigo Doctoral Program in Economics (2013-2014). Currently, I am a member of the academic committee of the Water Campus Doctoral Program (2018- )

My recent teaching publications include an article on the experience of our courses on taxation, another article on the use of Microsoft Excel for tax management and a handbook on the Galician economy. Furthermore, I have directed a number of summer courses and extra-curricular university activities in collaboration with (among others) Universidad Intermacional Menendez Pelayo, CCOO, Escola Galega de Administración Pública, Consello Galego de Relacións Laborais, Consello Económico e Social de Galicia, Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia and La Voz de Galicia. Some of them have evolved into books: La economía de Ourense a debate; La formación para el empleo: situación actual y perspectivas de futuro; Ética pública: desafíos e propostas; A convivencia plural: dereitos e políticas de xustiza; Presente e futuro do municipalismo galego.

I have participated as a committee member of many Ph. D. dissertations, including Leila Zoraida Castillo (University of Santiago de Compostela, 2006), María Rosario Díaz (University of Santiago de Compostela, 2007), Andrés Leal (University of Zaragoza, 2008), Paula Salinas (University of Barcelona, 2014), Emilio José Pulido (University of Salamanca, 2014), Rubén Lado (University of Santiago de Compostela, 2015), Noelia González (University of Cantabria, 2016), Rafat Alaraj (University of Santiago de Compostela, 2017), Francisco de Lima Cavalcanti (University of Barcelona, 2014- ) and Ana Catarina Silva (University of Barcelona, 2014- ). Currently, I am the supervisor of the Ph D. candidate Marko Crnogorac.